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Summit Wildlife Removal Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By:

Sara C.


Manassas, VA

December 29, 2021 12:12 am

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Kris Bradley is awesome. So he makes SES awesome. He first helped me a few years ago when groundhogs invaded my property. He knew exactly what to do to catch them and then keep their friends from moving into the emptied homes they had dug under my buildings and decks. The crew that came out to install the groundhog-proof fencing under the ground around the pool house and deck were amazing. They knocked the job out quickly and the only way I could tell there had been anyone there was that I could see the fencing they had meticulously installed. The groundhogs have tried to breech it many times with no success. The following year, some new groundhogs decided to move onto my property, so Kris came back and took care of it. A different crew came out to fence around my house and decks. They were younger and not as precise as the first crew, but Kris quickly rectified their small mistakes and assured me it wouldn’t happen again. So I was happy to call him when my attic needed to be redone (in 2020, but then 2020 happened, so we didn’t do it until December 2021). He crawled around up there in the heat and got all the measurements and photos and made drawings…I’m sure he knows my attic and roof better than I do now. He made sure there wouldn’t be any mice or other pests up there before the job started. The crew who came out to do the job was very professional and obviously knew what they were doing. The old insulation was a pain to remove, but they kept at it and left no trace of it behind. The next day there was at least 16 inches of new insulation in my attic, gaps had been sealed, fans replaced…and my house was immediately warmer and the furnace runs far less often than it did. Not many things in this house were built correctly, but thanks to them, my attic is now one of the things that is right. They went above and beyond to make sure it would all work correctly and I was happy. Kris checked it out when it was done and we’ve talked about some other projects that need to be done here and I will be happy to have SES do them because I know Kris will look out for me.

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