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Bee Removal in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

While bees are important for the jobs they do, sometimes they may need to be removed if they are making you or members of your household feel unsafe. Bees can sting and cause pain to people and pets. Some people are allergic to the venom from bee stings and can even experience anaphylaxis, which is a serious allergic reaction that can in some instances lead to severe complications and even death. In addition to an allergic reaction, bee stings can also cause an infection if the stinger is removed improperly or the skin isn’t cleaned properly. 

How do you Remove a Beehive or Bee Nest?

It is crucial that you never attempt to remove a beehive or nest on your own because there are many risks associated with the removal process. Removing bees is dangerous because you could get stung by several, even hundreds of bees at one time, but also it can be dangerous for the bees because they can be injured or even killed if you do not remove them properly. The best thing to do if you need bees removed from your property, is to hire a pest control company for integrated pest management. Bees are often unpredictable and need to be removed by someone who is trained but also has the correct equipment to ensure their safety, your safety and the safety of the bees. Bee technicians have resources, such as bee suits which aid in preventing stings and tools that make the removal process more efficient and effective.

At Summit Pest Control, we can remove a variety of stinging insects from wasps, to hornets, and yellowjackets. The most popular bee removal service we offer is our treatment for Carpenter Bees.

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Carpenter Bee Removal in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington

The carpenter bee causes destruction to wood structures, much like a carpenter ants. Carpenter bees make holes in wood to raise their young in. They prefer untreated, unpainted, weathered wood. Non-aggressive swarms are easier to remove than aggressive swarms and will be removed live and relocated if possible. If you have a non-aggressive swarm and they are easily accessible, a live removal, changing nesting sites, might be the best way to handle the problem, however, not all bees can be saved or relocated. Assuming the bees are not aggressive we can relocate the swarm by smoking them and putting them in a box. Not only do the bees get to live happily in a new home, there are no pesticides involved and it’s environmentally friendly. The goal is to get them to a beekeeper that will re-queen the colony and help preserve the bee population.

How much does Bee Removal Cost in Fredericksburg, Fairfax and Northern VA?

The fees for bee removal varies. Summit Pest Control offers free estimates for bee removal. The estimate will involve our skilled pest control technician inspecting your property and situation and they will let you know exactly what is involved with your treatment and the associated price.  Call today to schedule: 703-884-2124

Bee Characteristics: What Makes up a Bee?

Bees are flying insects with four wings that are related to ants and wasps and are known for being pollinators. Some bees make natural products such as beeswax and honey, that humans utilize. Some bees sting and some don’t, just like some are social and live in hives together while some bees are solitary and will live on their own. There are several species of bees, but the most well known are carpenter bees, mason bees, honey bees, bumblebees, stingless bees, leafcutter bees and sweat bees. There are actually close to 500 different species of bees in Virginia, but the ones you will see most often are the honeybees, bumblebees and carpenter bees. 

Where do Bees Live?

Bees live in nests or hives that they build and are members of colonies, which are made up of the queen, worker bees and drones. The queen’s only job is to mate with the drones and produce new offspring. The worker bees clean, collect pollen and nectar and care for the young bees. Bees prefer woods, forested areas, meadows and places that offer them safety from their predators and plenty of flowering plants for them to get pollen and nectar from. In the winter, you might notice fewer bees and other pollinating or stinging insects, that is because they are either overwintering or in diapause, which is essentially their form of hibernation in which they are dormant. 

Why are Bees Important?

Bees are important because they are known pollinators and help our plants flourish and grow. Without the proper spread of pollen, the plants would not be able to reproduce and several crops would start to die. While there are other means of plants becoming pollinated, such as by birds or from the wind, the best known pollinator is a bee. Bees also produce natural resources like honey combs, honey and beeswax that are used by people in a variety of ways.

What is Happening to Bee Populations?

Honey bee and bumblebee populations are significantly reducing due to various environmental factors. Some species of bees are on the endangered species list and others are at risk of dying. Colony collapse disorder occurs when the worker bees leave the queen and the drones and either die off or abandon them, leading to the hive’s decline. Because queens and drones do not provide for themselves or care for the young, the workers are critical members of the hive and the drone, offspring and the queen will die without. Although there are no current laws defining the proper removal of honey bees or bumblebees, it is advised to contact a beekeeper for removal to ensure their survival. 

What Can I do to Help Bees?

Some things you can do to help bees is to avoid using herbicides and insecticides, especially those that contain neonicotinoids, which are toxic and responsible for the death of many bees. In addition to not using harmful chemicals around them, it is advised to not remove the plants that they like and instead just stay at a safe distance when they are around. Bees will only need to be removed from your property if they have built a hive on a part of your home or somewhere close, like a tree in your yard. 

Bee Removal Estimate in Northern Virginia

For more information about bee removal in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA and the processes we use or to schedule your free bee removal estimate with one of our skilled and knowledgeable pest control technicians, contact us today at 703-884-2124. 

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