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FAQ | Squirrels In Attic

Can Squirrels Damage my Attic?

Squirrels can do significant damage to attics by trampling insulation making it ineffective, defecating and urinating thus creating odor, damage and health risks, and chewing electrical wires creating a fire hazard and many more damage concerns.

It is critical and urgent to get wildlife out of your attic immediately or the cost to repair this damage can quickly escalate into the thousands of dollars and increasing the risk to the health and well being of your family. 

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What Damage can Squirrels do in my Attic?

Squirrels will tear up insulation to use for their nests, defecate, and make obnoxious noises day and night. Squirrels can chew and gnaw on wooden support beams, walls, and electric wiring.

Squirrels tend to run away and hide from humans and pets. However, they are not shy about taking up residence in your attic, especially during the colder season. In two out of three  cases of squirrels in the attic, there is a litter of three to five baby squirrels.

They can cause substantial damage as well as disturb the peace in your home. Their nesting sites turn into toxic messes. Cleaning up squirrel feces presents a large safety concern. Wearing gloves, masks and following safety practices is very important. Note that a dust mask may provide some protection against dust, molds, and insulation fibers, but does not protect against viruses.

Can Squirrels Spread Diseases?

While we are not doctors or epidemiologists, we believe it can be unhealthy to allow wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons and bats to take up residence in your attic. Bacteria and viruses from feces, hair, dander and parasites may reach the living space though ceiling penetrations, utility lines, and ductwork and expose the residents to potential zoonosis(diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans) examples of zoonotic diseases are:

  • Ringworm
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Campylobacter infection
  • Giardia infection
  • Cryptosporidium infection
  • Roundworms

How do I get Squirrels out of my Attic?


In most cases, trapping the squirrels is the most effective way. Flying squirrels require different trapping and are harder to get rid of. As squirrels are considered wildlife in many states, trapping them may require a special permit. Be sure to check your local trapping laws and legal requirements as they may differ from county to county.

The safest method of removal is to contact a qualified professional to take care of the squirrel problem.

Wildlife control specialists are trained to humanely catch and remove troublesome squirrels and flying squirrels from homes and attics.


Getting squirrels out of the attic of a home or business can be a challenge. The first step, and in our opinion the most important, is the inspection. Areas such as atticscrawl spaces, and conditioned spaces in the interior should be thoroughly checked for evidence of infestation such as feces, urine, chewed electrical wires, gnawed wood, stains, leaks, rot, etc. It is important to note and include any repair recommendations.

The exterior inspection is also very critical and is often the only way the entry points of squirrels or flying squirrels can be detected. Gaining access to roofs using extension ladders and use of binoculars will ensure that the points of entry/exit for squirrels are accurately identified. Some people will use drones with HD cameras to assist in assessing dangerous, inaccessible or steep areas.

Areas inspected on the exterior are roofs, roof vents, gables, rakes, returns, louvre vents, fan vents, powered attic fans, sub roofing, soffits, siding, windows, utility lines, fascia, chimneys etc.. 

Once all areas are adequately inspected and any damage has been assessed than a plan of action can be drafted. The first step is to determine if animals are present, and if so then removal is the primary and critical step for squirrel removal.


Now it’s time to remove the squirrels. This can be done a couple of ways but in order to reduce future damage we recommend trapping. Trapping in attics can be very effective. One way exits can be used, a note of caution here: being mindful of the potential for young to be present in the attic is important.

Juvenile or immature squirrels can be sealed up in attics and orphaned when trapping adults and performing exclusion repairs. A professional Wildlife Technician will know these seasons and the evidence.


Repellents rarely work and are typically a waste of money and time.

Who to Call for Squirrels in Attic?

Summit Wildlife Removal is the company to call for squirrel removal of squirrels in the attic.

From serving Northern Virginia residents for over 25 years and protecting them from further encounters with squirrels in their attics to earning the A+ Award through the BBB and consistently earning raving reviews of 5 stars everywhere!

When you hear scratching and/or scraping in your attic, be sure to call Summit to remove your squirrels in attic.

How Much does Squirrel Removal Cost?

This will depend on the services that are needed, repairs required to keep the animal out, and any clean up of mess that the animal may have left behind. If trapping is all that is required to solve a problem, this can range from as low as $250 to over $1000. The species that is being removed will also influence the price. 

We have found that most people are very open to prevention since this saves money in the long run. A real professional Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) will always discuss prevention in order to make any remediation more effective and long lasting.

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