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FAQ | Squirrel Removal

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Squirrels?

The best way to get rid of squirrels in your home is to hire a professional wildlife removal company that is licensed, insured and warranties their work in writing.

Who to Call to Get Rid of Squirrels?

For squirrel removal from attics, squirrel removal from chimneys, and squirrel removal from walls, call a wildlife removal company.

You want a company that specializes in humane squirrel removal to handle squirrel infestations especially when it comes to protecting your home and your family.

A novice or inexperienced individual, with good intentions, might do more damage than good. Trust your home and family with our family and we guarantee that your job will be in great hands.

How do You Get Rid of Squirrels Around Your House?

Squirrels reproduce rapidly and move to occupy vacant territory quickly. Squirrels are highly adaptable and clever survivors as well as being an important part of our environment.

A better question in our opinion is “What can you do to make your property less attractive to squirrels?” This is a much more achievable objective.

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You need to remove those things and conditions that are conducive and attractive to rodents. A simple and short list of the most effective things you can do are:


  • Remove trees and branches within six feet of the home
  • Remove all food and water from around the home
  • Clean gutters frequently
  • Keep grass short and maintained
  • Remove clutter from around house
  • Screen vents to attic with sturdy steel screen
  • Fix any deteriorating wood on home asap
  • Seal any obvious holes immediately.

How do You Know if You Have a Squirrel in Your Walls?

You may have a squirrel in your wall, ceiling or attic if you hear running, thumping, scampering, hopping, gnawing, scratching, growling or high pitched squeals.

How do You Get Squirrels Out of Your House?

If a squirrel gets in your house, it is important to know that a trapped squirrel can be dangerous and destructive.

Calling a pest control/wildlife removal company such as Summit Wildlife Removal is a fast and effective way to resolve the conflict.

Can Squirrels Chew Through Walls?

Gray squirrels have strong jaws and sharp incisors which can make short work of drywall, wood, plastic, some metals, and other common building materials. We routinely remove squirrels and repair damage such as this.

Why Should I Address the Problem?

Squirrels can transmit a number of diseases as well as cause a lot of damage by gnawing on wires, insulation, and wood. Another good reason to address the issue is the entryways made by squirrels allow for other wildlife and rodents to infest your home and will be even a bigger problem than you already have.

What are the Most Common Diseases Spread by Squirrels?

Lyme, Leptospirosis, rabies, and Tularemia are diseases they spread. Squirrels are also a host for parasites, like ticks, fleas, and mites which can transmit a number of diseases as well.

What are Some Preventative Measures?

  • Do not feed wildlife (take down bird feeders, or move them to a distant tree)
  • Get your home inspected by a wildlife control specialist
  • Seal entry points (be sure that all wildlife is gone)
  • Get professional grade repairs done
  • Install vent, ridge, and roof guards
  • Squirrel and Flying Squirrel exclusions

Can Pest Control Get Rid of Squirrels?

Some pest control companies only do bugs and small rodents such as mice. Other pest control companies will also handle wildlife, but make sure they are licensed to do so and have experience with handling and squirrel removal.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost?

This will depend on the services that are needed, repairs required to keep the animal out, and any clean up of the mess that the animal may have left behind. If trapping is all that is required to solve a problem, this can range from as low as $250 to over $1000. The species that is being removed will also influence the price. 

We have found that most people are very open to prevention since this saves money in the long run. A professional Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) will always discuss prevention in order to make any remediation more effective and long lasting.

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What Services do we Provide?

Squirrel Removal | Squirrel Trapping | Squirrel Feces Clean Up | Insulation Replacement | Damage Repairs | Squirrel Disinfecting and Deodorizing

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