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Leave your wasp nest removal to a professional. Removing a wasp or hornet’s nest is very dangerous and should be left up to a skilled pest control technician with the proper safety and removal equipment. At Summit Pest Control, one of our pest experts will first conduct an inspection in which they will discuss the situation, plan of action and the cost for removal. Wasps are treated using a three part process, where first they are stunned, then a spray is applied that exterminates them, the nest is removed and then lastly a residual spray is applied to keep them from coming back. The technician will clean up and dispose of the nesting properly.

Oftentimes, these treatments require climbing up on roofs or other high points of the home or in trees. For the most part, wasp treatments are conducted outside, unless wasps have managed to make their way into your attic space or some other part of your home. During a wasp treatment, it is important to stay away from the area where the treatment is occurring, because the wasps can become agitated and potentially swarm.

Wasp Treatment in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

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Wasps are a type of stinging insect that flies. They have wings, six legs, antennae and are usually black and white, black and yellow or some color variation with stripes along their bodies. The most commonly known wasps are yellow jackets and hornets. In Northern Virginia, you might see the bald-faced hornet, European hornets, yellow jackets or paper wasps. Wasps are known for being good natural forms of pest control by preying on other pests such as insects and spiders.

These stinging insects are most prevalent in Northern Virginia in the springtime through October. In the winter, the majority of the wasp population dies, except for the mated females, who will become the queens and go into hibernation until the early spring.

Wasps are known for being highly aggressive and can sting people, prey on bees and cause damage to crops such as apples, pears and other fruits that they make holes in. Female wasps have stingers and it is actually an egg laying organ that has been modified. While bees can typically only sting once, wasps are capable of stinging repeatedly. A wasp sting can be very painful and in some cases very harmful and potentially life threatening. Wasps have stingers that have venom in them and can cause a severe reaction to people who are allergic, called anaphylaxis. While wasps aren’t known for causing structural damage like some other pests, it is still important to remove them from your property if they are being a nuisance or causing discomfort to you and the members of your home.

Wasp Preventative Measures

Once wasps are removed from your property by a professional pest control service, it is important to maintain and upkeep your yard and home to ensure the wasps are less likely to return. Some ways to keep the wasps away is to seal cracks and crevices in the home, keep doors and windows closed, ensure trash can lids are secured, plant strong smelling plants such as spearmint, thyme or eucalyptus. Continuing with pest control treatments is the only way to effectively keep them away. After one wasp treatment, you may need a follow-up treatment if you are still seeing a high population of wasps.

Wasp Control and Removal Service in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

For complete wasp control and removal in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria, VA areas, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Summit Pest Control is your number one source for pest control and animal control services. Summit Pest Control offers free inspections for wasp treatments, there is no-obligation to purchase services. The estimates are based on the needs and wants of the clients and it is specifically tailored to them and their unique situation.

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