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Opossum Removal in Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

Do You Have an Opossum Nuisance Concern?

Even though opossums have an unappealing, rat-like appearance, they are generally not prone to aggression and do not attack humans, but they are still wild animals. Opossums belong to the marsupial family and like kangaroos, they carry their young in their pouches. Marsupials prefer to play dead when confronted, to throw predators off guard and escape.

Opossums like to nest under porches, decks, sheds, and sometimes even attics and garages. Like raccoons, the opossum will eat pet food that is left outside and rummage through garbage and compost. They have also been known to enter chicken coops and prey on birds and destroy their eggs.

How do we Get Rid of Opossums?

The best way to rid of opossums is trapping. Even though they are not hard to catch, there are risks involved. Be sure to check your local trapping laws and legal requirements as they may differ from county to county. In some locations, trapping and relocation may not be an option. The safest method of removal is to contact a qualified professional to take care of the opossum problem. Wildlife control specialists are trained to humanely catch and remove troublesome opossum from homes and attics.

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What are the Most Common Diseases Spread by Opossums?

Tuberculosis, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, Chagas. Opossums are also a host for parasites, like ticks, fleas, mites which can transmit numerous diseases as well.

What are Some Preventative Measures I can Take?

  • Do not feed wildlife
  • Do not leave food outside
  • Seal garbage cans
  • Get your home and property inspected
  • Seal entry points (be sure that all wildlife is gone)
  • Get professional-grade repairs done
  • Opossum exclusions

What are the Fees Associated with Opossum Removal?

The fees regarding opossum removal are variable. It depends on the specific circumstances and is always a good idea to have a professional Wildlife Expert come take a look. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Why Should I Address the Problem?

You definitely do not want opossums around as they can attract other wildlife and transmit diseases.

What Kind of Opossum Removal Services do we Offer?

Opossum Removal | Opossum Trapping | Opossum Feces Clean Up | Opossum Damage Repairs | Opossum Exclusion |Insulation Replacement | Opossum Disinfecting and Deodorizing

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