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Carpenter Ant Pest Control and Removal in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

Carpenter ants are some of the biggest ants in the United States ranging in size from about ¼ inch to ½ inch long. They are typically brown or black but can also be black with orange. Carpenter ants can cause damage to your home and make you and the others in your home feel uncomfortable. From time to time, carpenter ants might bite people, but they are not known for spreading diseases or infections to people. The destruction and lasting damages they cause to structures, is what people should be most concerned about.

Carpenter Ant Damage丨Summit Pest Control

Carpenter ants cause damage similar to carpenter bees or even termites. They create their nests in wooden structures by creating tunnels and burrowing into the wood. One sign of having carpenter ants is seeing wood shavings. The ants will burrow in the wood but not eat it like some other wood destroying insects. In your home, the ants will burrow into wooden desks and cabinets. Another sign that you have carpenter ants, is hearing them in your walls. You can hear an ant infestation in your walls if you press your ear against the wall. Some common areas in the home that you can find carpenter ants is in the kitchen, bathroom and near window and water sources.

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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

One common question we get asked from our customers in Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Alexandria is “How do I get rid of carpenter ants?”. 

Carpenter ants are difficult to deal with on the homeowner level.  Getting rid of carpenter ants is a process that is best taken care of by pest control professionals. If you have carpenter ants in your home or somewhere on your property, it is best to have a technician give you their expert opinion and an estimate for the treatment. Most often the treatment is a multi-step process that consists of chemical treatments, followed by repairs and seal-out. If carpenter ants are not treated for, the damage can become exceedingly worse to the point, they can cause permanent and irreversible damage to wooden structures. 

How Much Does Carpenter Ant Removal Cost?

Carpenter ant removal varies. It is dependent on the areas that are affected and the length of the desired treatment. It is difficult to give an estimate without evaluating the property and the situation. The best way to determine an accurate price for your treatment is to have a technician come out and conduct an inspection and give you a free estimate. From there, the technician will tell you what kind of treatment plan works best for your carpenter ant problem and will let you know of the price associated with the treatment.

Is it Carpenter Ant Damage, Carpenter Bee Damage or Termite Damage?

Carpenter Bees are one of the wood destroying insects that loan companies look for during a WDI (sometimes called NPMA33 or WDO, Wood Destroying Organism) Report. WDI Reports insure your property is free of Termites, Carpenter Bees, Wood-Boring Beetles, and other wood destroying pests.   

A Summit Pest Control Technician will come out, inspect your property for Carpenter Bees and other wood destroying insects, and let you know if any treatment is required for your property to pass the inspection and will enable you to close on your home sale or refinance in Northern Virginia.

The cost for a WDI Report is a $125 flat fee inspection.  

Wood Destroying Insect Reports for Home Refinance & Home Purchase for Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are a wood destroying insect that refinance and home closing companies look for during a WDI (sometimes called a WDO, Wood Destroying Organism or NPMA33 report) Inspection. The purpose of a WDI Inspection & Report is to give the closing company confidence that your home is protected for Carpenter Ants, Carpenter BeesTermites, Wood Boring Beetles, and other wood destroying insects and pests. 

A Summit Pest Control Technician will come out, provide a WDI Inspection for your property for Carpenter Ants and other wood destroying insects. If there is any treatment required, the technician will let you know so you can close on your loan.  

There is a flat fee of $125 for a WDI Inspection. Call Summit Pest Control today at 703-884-2124 to schedule your WDI Inspection and Report today. 

Carpenter Ant Pest Control Services

  • Carpenter Ant Prevention
  • Carpenter Ant Removal
  • Carpenter Ant Treatment
  • Carpenter Ant Damage Repair
  • General Pest Control for Ants

Free Estimate for Carpenter Ant Pest Control, Removal, and Treatment in Northern Virginia

If you have carpenter ants on your property, causing damage and would like to have them removed, contact Summit Pest Control for a free pest estimate. One of our skilled technicians will inspect your property and confirm that it is carpenter ants and then suggest a treatment and give you a price for the treatment.

Contact us at 703-884-2124 today to schedule your free estimate, 24/7.

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