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Animals in the Attic Removal in Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

Are you hearing noises in the attic, like scratching in the attic, loud noises in the attic or chewing noises? There might be an animal in your attic. It can sometimes be difficult to determine what type of animal is living in the attic just from hearing the noises. Sometimes it can be a little more obvious what animal is in your home, especially if you have actually seen the animal.

Animals that typically make their way into attic spaces include: miceratsbatssquirrelsflying squirrelsraccoons and occasionally opossums. The most common animal to find in an attic space is a squirrel. Squirrels will often nest and rear their young in warm attic spaces where the insulation keeps them comfortable and they are protected from harsh weather and predators. Most of the animals that will make it into your attic are nocturnal and will be active in the evening hours. You will be able to hear squirrels the best because they are active during the day. Some animals can live for quite a while in your attic space unnoticed.

Mice in the Attic:

Mice and rats can gain entry into your home in a variety of different ways and can nest in your walls and attic space. They will chew on insulation and wiring and can cause damage and even electrical fires.

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Bats in the Attic:

Bats are nocturnal so you will hear the activity in the evening hours. They will get into your attic and live in the roof line. They will urinate and defecate large amounts in the attic space and cause damage and spread histoplasmosis. They will often enter the living space and can possibly expose the occupants to rabies

Squirrels & Flying Squirrels in the Attic:

Squirrels will most often gain entry to attic spaces from the roof through a small hole or crevice. Quite often they will chew their way in through sunroof gaps and roof and louvre vents. Once in the attic, they will make their nest and will cause damage to insulation and other parts of the attic such as electrical wires and floorboards.

Raccoons in the Attic:

Raccoons will get into the attic from the roof and they will make their attic space your home. They will use it as a shelter because it brings them warmth. There might be damage to the drywall, insulation or wiring that will need to be fixed.

Opossums in the Attic:

Opossums will gain entry to your attic, most likely from a tree near your roof. They will climb a tree near your home and then find an access point in your roof. Raccoons and opossums are similar sizes, so if a raccoon can get into your attic, an opossums definitely can.

Signs of Animals in the Attic in Fredericksburg, McLean, Reston, and Fairfax, VA

Some signs you have animals in your attic are hearing their activity such as chewing, clawing, gnawing, scurrying or other noises that indicate movement. Another sign is smelling strange scents such as feces or urine. Seeing their footprints, markings, or seeing their feces are strong indicators that you have an animal or animals in your attic.

How Did an Animal Get Into my Attic?

An animal might gain entry a variety of ways. Whether there were already openings or holes in parts of the home or the animal tore or chewed their way into your home, the animal was able to get in and is probably causing problems in your attic. Animals can enter through a hole in the roof or siding or a vent on the side of the home. Once an animal has made its way into your attic they will begin to make themselves at home. 

What Damage Can an Animal in the Attic Cause?

Animals in the attic can soil, shred or nest in insulation, chew on wires and floorboards, urinate and defecate and ruin your belongings that might be stored in the attic. When an animal chews on wiring it can possibly start a fire in the home. It is believed that mice and rats chewing on wires accounts for nearly 25% of house fires each year. Insulation that is used for nesting or for animals to use the bathroom will need to be replaced. Animals can carry bacteria and transmit diseases and viruses. There is a lot of bacteria in their feces. Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by fungus that is in bat or bird droppings. Breathing in the air can make you very sick, this is why it is especially important to have soiled insulation removed.

How to Get Rid of Animals in the Attic

Animals can be removed from attics in a variety of ways. For the most part, removing the animals by hand is not a safe practice and is rarely done. From time to time, it can be completed if it is a bird and occasionally a squirrel. Bats need to be removed according to Virginia law to ensure their safety and that they are not injured or killed in the process of removing them. They are removed using a bat one way device which is a tube that allows them to leave the attic but not gain reentry. One-ways are often used to make sure the animals are all out of the attic before further work such as seal out or attic insulation is completed. Trapping is probably the most recognized and widely used form of wildlife removal. We set live traps in places that the animals frequent. We do not typically trap in the attic because it isn’t always accessible to our trapper, but instead attempt to trap them while they are foraging for food.

Animal in the Attic Removal丨Summit Wildlife Removal

If you have animals in your attic and need to have them removed or have exclusion work done for your home, contact Summit Wildlife Removal. We can trap, remove, exclude animals from your attic space. In addition, Summit Wildlife Removal can provide repairs to your attic, roof, soffit and replace your insulation.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Animals in the Attic?

The cost to remove animals from the attic varies. Trapping ranges based on how many traps are needed and the placements of the traps. Seal-out and exclusion work differs too based on the supplies needed. If the insulation needs to be replaced then the total cost will be more. One of our skilled wildlife technicians will be able to give you an estimate after they conduct their inspection.

What Animal in Attic Services does Summit Wildlife Removal Offer in Northern Virginia?

Summit can provide free estimates for the follow animal in your attic related issues:

  • Wildlife Removal
  • Animal Removal
  • Squirrel in Attic Removal
  • Raccoon in Attic Removal
  • Flying Squirrel in Attic Removal
  • Bats in Attic Removal (Inspection Fee May Apply)
  • Wildlife Trapping and Removal
  • Wildlife in Attic Exclusion
  • Pest Damaged Insulation Removal and Replacement

Contact Your Local Wildlife Removal Experts, Summit Wildlife Removal, in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA.

Summit Wildlife Removal is Northern Virginia’s best animal in your attic removal company. Contact us online or give us a call at 703-884-2124 to schedule a free estimate to keep your home protected from wildlife. when you need our services. For dog or cat issues, contact your local municipal animal control office.

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