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Geese Removal in Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA

Do You Have a Geese Concern?

As the geese tend to populate the same areas as human beings, problems arise. Geese are grazers and cause damage to various crops, landscapes, gardens, and vegetation. Geese are also incredibly messy, their fecal matter contaminates the area around bodies of water, as well as causes harm to the local animal populations. Left untreated, flocks of geese can ruin water supplies. The bacteria in the feces pose serious health risks by contributing to the spread of disease. Geese fed by humans may lose their natural fear of people, which causes them to become territorial and attack humans and pets.

How do I Get Rid of Geese?

There are a wide variety of techniques that can be used, some with more success than others. In most cases, they are most effective when used in combination. Geese are federally protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and require special permits for the removal. The safest method of removal is to contact a wildlife control specialist to take care of the nuisance geese problem.

What are the Most Common Diseases Spread by Geese?

Geese can transmit a variety of diseases, including viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria.

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What are Some Preventative Measures I can Take?

  • Do not feed the geese
  • Erect fencing
  • Use deterrents
  • Get an inspection by a licensed wildlife specialist

What are the Fees Associated with Geese Removal?

The fees associated with geese control is variable. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Should I Address the Problem?

Geese can become aggressive very quickly, especially during breeding season. When the goslings are hatched the geese with do their best to chase you away and continue their aggression.

What Services do we Provide?

Geese Control | Geese Abatement | Geese Egg Addling | Geese Deterrents |Geese Relocation

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