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Summit Wildlife Removal Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By:

Laurie H.


Herndon, VA

April 1, 2021 12:04 am

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I had evidence of raccoons in the attic as well as digging up the yard. I called Summit and Ernie McGhee came out. He reassured me that they could take care of it for me. He was a great representative of the company and of customer service. When the raccoons were too smart to go in the trap despite different kinds of bait, Ernie reassured me that he would go into my attic and remove the raccoons by hand if necessary. He even went up into the attic again and looked to see if they were still there which they did not appear to be. The company sealed the entry points including putting a permanent cage over the attic fan vent. I feel Ernie went above and beyond and I am grateful.

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