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Summit Wildlife Removal Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By:

Jean H.


Burke, VA

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Summit is wonderful. I have referred a couple of people after my work was completed and they are happy too. Summit came out immediately and quickly made a statement of what needed to be done to eliminate my North American Flying Squirrels in my attic. The work included some remedial roof work to assure the squirrels would not come back. Summit did their work quickly and completely. I always know when and who will be appearing at my house. The people who were sent were not only well versed in what needed to be done, they were personable and happy.

When I called the office, everyone I spoke to was gracious and friendly. No fighting to get things right. No problems with understanding. It was all in all a wonderful experience.

I have since signed on to Summit for Mosquito, regular pest and rodent work. I am very happy and I cannot say enough good about them. No fear in dealing with this great company and nice folks.

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Andrew Branham replied to this review
Replied on: February 11th, 2020 08:02:45am

Thanks for your wonderful review Jean! Really appreciate your feedback, thanks again.

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