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Job completed for Adam S.

Completion date:

June 14, 2021


Centreville, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had squirrels in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Replacement facia board and soffit around home to include garage. Soffit and facia board to be painted two coats of exterior paint for color to best match prior existing color which is a almond.
Box off left and right corners of dormer pockets over garage for a total of four.
Box off soffit pockets at roofline of garage on front and back of home with almond color metal.
Install three RVG‘s over attic fans on rear roof.
Install vents for attics to breathe at soffit after replaced soffits are painted.
Install critter guard above facia board around home.
Removal of insulation from both attics to include Rodent droppings and disinfect to kill any bacteria or parasites.
Deodorize attic for smell of urine and blow in r38 cellulose insulation to current standard.
Screen off dryer vent and cut opening for lint to extract on rear of home.
Treat attic for mice with rodenticide prior to clean up.

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