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Job completed for Karen O

Completion date:

January 24, 2020


Centreville, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Have an animal in the wall. She said she heard the noise Monday night, nothing all day Tuesday but then heard it again Tuesday night. She said the noise got really aggressive and the animal chewed out their security system so they figured it was killed by the electricity, however they heard scratching again last night. She said they are hearing it in the kitchen/ family room area. She said the wall goes out to the garage.

Solutions provided:

Critter Guard
Install critter guard around Holmes gutter line to close roofline gap where squirrels and mice or accessing into attic color Jupiter Ridge green from all side, client approves color as best matched. Gutter spikes to be reset back in place due to back out from gutters

Seal Out
Ground seal out in rear, 78 lin ft. After removing old screen, dig 20″, install 12″ metal screen. Using 1 x 2 pressure treated lumber, attach top of screen to deck. Install plywood kick plate.

Install a RBG box over rear attic fan to prevent entry from rodents and animals into attic

mice treatment
Install bait stations around home front right rear and left sides for mice one time treatment, stations to be checked 30 days later to see if a regular treatment is needed. Take bore camera and punch screwdriver size hole into garage lower wall at door to kitchen where alarm is mounted to assure nothing is dead in wall

Insulation – Removal and Install
Blown in attic insulation, fiberglass to be removed including mice droppings/squirrel droppings. Stare fab treatment to be conducted an attic to kill any mites, bacteria, or lice.Blown in our 49 cellulose insulation will be installed two current standard. Baffles to be installed at entry point, and soffit points.

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