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Job completed for Roger H

Completion date:

January 13, 2020


Fairfax Station, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Previously had squirrels in his house. He believes they came in from the bathroom vent that goes through the attic/roof. There were babies in the bathroom. He doesn’t think he needs trapping as he thinks they’ve vacated now, he just wants to prevent them from coming back.

Solutions provided:

Trap for target animal (flying squirrel)
Install one piece of metal where one hole is located in sub roofing gap.
Replace section of solid soffit line and paint to match as best as possible.
Install metal on both sides of chimney where soffit meets the brick.
Install one roof vent guard over one attic fan.
Spot clean area where flying squirrels have defecated. (Will include clean up of accessible fecal matter and sterifab to disinfect)

2 year on areas excluded only

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