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Job completed for Kim N

Completion date:

January 14, 2020


Vienna, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

We believe we have some raccoons in our ceilings due to a hole in our gable vent. We’d like an estimate for humanely removing these raccoons and possibly fixing that vent.

Solutions provided:

1. Trap for target animal (raccoon)
2. Install two RVG (roof vent guards) over two attic fans.
3. Install critter guard along gutter lines to protect sub roofing gap.
4. Install white metal (box out) on eave to prevent entry of animals into attic space.
5. Roof Repair – Remove section of shingles, plywood, and pipe collar indicated by technician. Install new plywood/subroofing, ice/water shield, shingles to match as best as possible, new pipe collar.

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