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Job completed for Chelsea K.

Completion date:

August 8, 2022


Arlington, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer had bats in the attic.

Solutions provided:

Remove top antenna and repair shingle with new cap shingle.
Remove the metal rake board and install a new white metal rake board the is flush with the brick.
Install critter guard along the front and rear gutters to prevent entry through the sub roofing gap.
Install stainless steel screen on the outside of the gable vent to prevent bats from entering g the gable. Remove the bat one way.
Remove all blown/batted insulation. Remove bat guano and use Steirfab to disinfect. Air seal gaps and conduit lines for energy efficiency. Install new baffles at the soffit lines and around dedicated storage space. Insulate the entry door with foam board insulation. Blow in all new cellulose insulation to reach 14 inches.

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