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Job completed for Chantilly B.

Completion date:

July 25, 2022


Chantilly, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Customer had animals in the attic.

Solutions provided:

Two separate attics with evidence of widespread squirrel and mouse activity. Insulation is held from occupied spaces by reinforced liner and that liner is damaged/down in places.
Demo all batted insulation from both spaces.
Sanitize both attic spaces with multi-quat sanitizer.Install new reinforced 12 mil liner on bottom chord of trusses as insulation is falling into 2 rooms; janitorial closet and office space where west access panel is located.
Set up negative air machine and sanitize ceiling tiles once liner is replaced.
On east side of attic access install new liner on ceiling with cap screws.
Install new R38 batted insulation in both spaces.
Likely points of entry located at ridge vent end caps. Medium sized tree is the pathway for squirrels to gain access to roof.
Seal out on front gable along route 50 to prevent any reentry.
Work requires 60 foot ladder set on front, 40 on east side to perform repairs.
West side, at gutter end seal void behind gutter guard

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