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Job completed for Liz M.

Completion date:

January 15, 2022


Leesburg, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer was hearing squirrels in the attic.

Solutions provided:

Seal out using caulk and copper mesh, seal up gap behind trim board front of home outside Nicole’s bedroom. Seal and repair gap on right side of home near side entry. Clean Out And Screen Vent. A bath vent on the side of the home has a large wasp nest in it, blocking the proper airflow. This allows cold air to enter through this vent, and conditioned air to escape, wasting energy. We will remove this nest, clean and sanitize the vent line, and install a bird guard to prevent future nesting of birds in this vent. If the vent is for a bathroom we can also screen the outlet to prevent bees or wasps nesting as well. If this is a laundry vent we cannot screen it, as lint will build up and create a fire hazard. If this is a kitchen vent, it cannot be screened either, due to a fire hazard from grease build up. The bird protection can be in place regardless of the vent’s function. Clean Up Insulation And Attic. Remove affected insulation and sanitize areas used as latrines by squirrels. Remove nesting materials and debris. Add more insulation in these areas.

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