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Job completed for Tawana H.

Completion date:

December 17, 2021


Triangle, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had raccoons in their attic.

Solutions provided:

The attic space will have a Sterifab treatment.

Remove the entire second story rear fascia board and solid soffit line. Replace fascia board with new 1×6 pressure treated wood. Install new pressure treated solid soffit. Paint not included. Additional charge of $800 to paint( client approved painting charge). Gutter in rear will be temporarily removed and reinstalled properly after work is complete.
Section of shingles and plywood will be replaced on backside of roof with shingles to match existing as best as possible. (Three tab redwood Tamko)

Install critter guard along all gutter lines to prevent entry of animals into the attic space.
Run bathroom fan from the soffit line to a new 223 vent on the roof (223 vent has a screen and a damper). Run the solid 4 inch line for the dryer through the roof to a proper 223 vent with a damper but no screen due to fire code. These two vents through the roof will need to be done to prevent moisture build up near the roof and fascia line.

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