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Job completed for Gary K.

Completion date:

November 10, 2021


Sterling, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had raccoons in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Box off left and right hand side of two dormer windows for a total of four dormer pockets with almond metal, dormers are located over garage. Repair left dormer window on right side at roofline where raccoon has chewed and gained access using section of OSB board and three tab asphalt shingle and color to best match as I have a sample of shingle torn off. Metal to be installed under single line and flanged off to include being reinforced with screws And then shingles being installed over top to prevent raccoon from chewing through the same area. Screen upper center gable vent on front of home, screen left gable vent, screen right gable vent from the exterior to prevent entry into attic by wildlife.

Remove vinyl siding from fireplace on right hand side of home replace OSB board on left front and right side of fireplace, flash top of fireplace to a sure water doesn’t run behind, reinstall vinyl siding around fireplace and then install J channel/trim wood that client already has.

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