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Job completed for Forrest W.

Completion date:

November 8, 2021


Herndon, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had squirrels in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Install sandstone beige metal on every end of each gutter (cap) to prevent squirrels from nesting in the gutters. If any nesting is found, it will be removed and gutter will be reinstalled. Remove any plants growing out of the gutters. Will include front and rear gutters. Screen that was previously installed will be removed and the new metal cap installed.

Repair damaged wood at 2 dormers in front of home.
Replace water and dry rotted 1×6 fascia trim on sides of two dormers and re wrap with white metal. Wrap the remainder of exposed 1×6 trim on both dormers with smooth white trim coil to protect exposed wood indicated by the technician. Client to provide touch up paint for the dental molding if paint is chipped during the repairs.

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