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Job completed for Deana M.

Completion date:

October 8, 2021


Haymarket, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had rodent issues.

Solutions provided:

Remove all insulation from each joist box in the basement and seal with caulk and insulating foam, seal up any mice entry holes with copper mesh, or solid metal and weather/moisture seal with caulk, then replace insulation with new fiberglass batts. Clean up any debris. Remove hardened and shrunk caulk from around HVAC line and waterspigot and re caulk. Install copper mesh under the siding bottom along entire rear of home sealing this in place with heavy duty caulk and metal screws. Also seal corner channels in same method.

Install heavy gauge stainless steel screen buried to a depth of ten inches on patio across entry path. Also install the same screen on the front porch on both sides to the same depth. Use drop cloths to protect stored items on shelves, and move stored items on floor as needed and replace when done. Clean up any debris with broom or vacuum. Use caulk with lowest odor.

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