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Job completed for Patrick M.

Completion date:

September 9, 2021


Springfield, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had bats in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Description:Install silver grey metal on front soffit gaps and rear soffit gaps to prevent the entry of bats into the attic space. Include a silver grey metal flashing between the stucco and the roof rafter on backside. This is the main entry points for the bats.
Use copper cloth and spray foam between the roof rafter and the fire wall on the inside of the attic space to prevent crossover between the townhomes.
Wrap the rake board on both sides of the home with silver grey metal and blow in the gap between the stucco and the rake board. Will prevent bats from entering the attic space.
Install two bat one ways on the rear gaps to let the bats out.

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