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Job completed for Saheed S.

Completion date:

August 14, 2021


Alexandria, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had a raccoon between their roof and ceiling.

Solutions provided:

Attic insulation to be replaced and cleaned to include raccoon droppings throughout, I’d like to be treated and disinfected to kill any bacteria’s, parasites, or fleas. Install of our 38 bedded insulation into attic as house has cathedral ceilings throughout with no attic access, work will be done at time of removal of old roof to gain access from roof inside of home.

Remove gutters on front and rear of home in order to access rotten and damaged facia board to include soffit with strip soffit. Replaced soffits were stripped soffit for ventilation and replace facia board and then paint white. After wood on the front and rear of home and replaced reset gutters.

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