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Job completed for Marianne A.

Completion date:

August 6, 2021


Montclair, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had an animal in the attic.

Solutions provided:

Install ridge guard on left and right hand side of ridge vent on top of roof to include capping ends to prevent rodents and wildlife entering attic. On the left side of home at upper return is a piece of flashing that is loose, install screw to pin it to the yellow siding. Removal of all blown in insulation from within attic on floor that is soiled with mice droppings, removal of any dead mice with an attic and then disinfect attic to kill any hantavirus, bacteria, or parasites.

Reinspect attic for any visible entry points and blow in R 38 cellulose insulation to current standard. Apply rodenticide throughout attic to reduce and kill off current population of mice before

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