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Job completed for Diane Y.

Completion date:

April 28, 2021


Springfield, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had squirrels in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Remove all storage items and boxes in the attic space. Any loose items will be put into trash bags and put onto back patio area. Place all items on back cement patio area. Pallets and a tent will be provided by client to store boxes and loose items. Before work begins hallway will have plastic sheeting installed on the walls and the floors to help prevent cross contamination. Temporarily install a negative air machine during the work. Remove all the insulation and the fecal matter in the attic space. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install stainless steel on two louvre vents. Install white sheet metal on three corners of the rake boards (returns) where squirrels have chewed. Install temporary sheet metal on two holes on backside of roof to prevent entry of animals.



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