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Job completed for Mike G.

Completion date:

March 24, 2021


Fredericksburg, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had rodents in their house.


Solutions provided:

During time of inspection technician noticed possible entry point for mice. Seal under corner channels, conduit lines, two bay windows, and concrete stairs on the the rear of the home. There is no one hundred percent seal out for mice due their small nature. The only way to control the mice population is with a good rodent control program. Remove existing batted insulation from basement rim joist. Install two inches of closed cell spray foam insulation at rim joist. On bay windows, on each side of home, install Borafoam insulation, spray closed cell spray foam to seal and install new batted fiberglass insulation to mitigate air gap. Block off the joist bays that extend from bay windows into first floor frame with Borafoam insulation to prevent airflow. Patch vapor barrier and insulation under windows at either end of the basement where the existing insulation was damaged by installing new R11 fiberglass insulation and vapor barrier and sealing seams with tape. Fasten existing vapor barrier to wall with Hilti pins and seam tape on section of wall near stair area as indicated by the technician.



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