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Job completed for Sophia L.

Completion date:

February 25, 2021


Springfield, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer was hearing sounds in their walls.


Solutions provided:

Seal underneath of siding around the left side at home on front, left side and rear with screening and clear sealant to prevent mice from entering under siding. On right rear of home change out dryer vent flap by placing guard over top to prevent entry by mice. Leaf solutions. Install leaf solutions on front and rear of home. Soffit. Removal of soffit on the left and right side of garage and install screening to prevent squirrels and rodents from entering attic of garage and reinstall and reset soffit gables. Custom screen left and right gable vent on exterior home to prevent entering the attic by rodents. Install RVG over rear attic fan on the roof. Removal of leaf guards on front and rear of home and install white reinforce critter guard behind gutter line to seal gaps leading into attic. Reinstall leaf guards after completion. 


Removal of batted insulation and suck out of blown in insulation inside of attic to include rodenticide that client has put throughout attic, any dead rodents, and rodent droppings. Disinfect attic to kill any bacteria, parasites, or fleas. Blow in r38 cellulose insulation to current standard. 

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