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Job completed for Nancy W.

Completion date:

January 20, 2021


McClean, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had raccoons in their attic.


Solutions provided:

Trap for target animal (raccoon) for up to five business days. Install stainless steel screen on two louvre vents. Wrap the rake board above the louvre vents with white metal for additional protection. Install one RVG over the attic fan to prevent entry of animals. Remove one way at no additional charge. Spot clean and sterifab entire attic space to disinfect. Rake insulation back into place as best as possible. Remove gutter line along the hip roof and check fascia board for any damage. If any fascia board has to be replaced this will be an additional. Wrap the fascia board with whit metal to prevent further damage and entry of animals into the attic space.  Reinstall the gutters after work is complete. Roof near the flashing on the backside of the home has a small leak. Caulk flashing to repair.



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