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Job completed for Steve M.

Completion date:

October 27, 2020


Sterling, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had mice in their attic space.

Solutions provided:

Install bait stations around exterior of home, garage, both attic spaces. Install multiple glue traps and snap traps in attic space above the garage. Will need to be a more aggressive treatment. Tech will need to visit home every two weeks for four visits in total. After the four visits tech will need to reassess the activity of the mice and make a decision to continue with no weekly visits or monthly. Install copper cloth and sealant in possible entry points indicated by technician. Remove all mouse droppings and insulation. Sterifab entire garage attic space. Seal up any possible gaps with copper cloth and spray foam. Install baffles at soffit lines and at storage area. Blow over only the conditioned area in the rear of the home to reach insulation levels of R49 (14 inches). 1×4 boards on backside of home indicated by tech will be replaced with new white composite board.

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