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Job completed for Jean N.

Completion date:

September 2, 2020


West Springfield, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had bats in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Install ridge guard along ridge vent on top of roof to prevent entry of bats. Seal three top corners of the rake board to fill in the gaps. Temporarily remove the leaf guards and install critter guard on the sub roofing gap along the gutters only. Re install leaf guards after work is finished. Seal bottom gap of frieze boards with clear caulk to prevent entry of bats. Install stainless steel screen on stack pipe for the HVAC to prevent entry of animals. Install either a bird guard or stainless steel screen on inside of three vents. Install a double damper vent on front dryer vent to prevent bats and birds from entering. Under deck area remove damaged soffit plywood indicated by technician with white vinyl composite solid soffit. Any further damage found while removing solid soffit under deck area will be additional to repair. Seal along chimney sides with clear caulk on top deck area.

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