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Job completed for Lorena A.

Completion date:

July 29, 2020


Arlington, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had squirrels trapped in their attic space.

Solutions provided:

Found squirrels were latrining in far corner and squirrel droppings throughout space. Also found numerous dive holes and mouse feces indicative of activity in the attic. Entry point on front mansard at dormer was sealed properly. Also found bathroom vent pipe is crushed and sitting on floor of attic. It terminates into the insulation and must be run to the roof per code. Remove all insulation in the space. Vacuum up any debris and dispose. Apply sterilizer to space to disinfect from animal activity. Install R38 blown cellulose to entire attic. Install any baffles as required at eaves. Re-route and install new 3 inch vent pipe up to existing roof vent.

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