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Job completed for Patricia H.

Completion date:

June 26, 2020


Falls Church, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had raccoons entering their attic from the roof.

Solutions provided:

Install one RVG over one attic fan to prevent entry of animals. Two louvre vents on each side of the home will need a stainless steel screen installed to prevent birds and animals entering. Bird droppings will be cleaned as best as possible. Can not fully remove from the siding due to the staining of the bird fecal matter. Remove screen on inside of the louvre vent and remove all bird nesting and disinfect area with Sterifab. Install new mesh screen and secure. On the backside of home remove accessible nesting from one eave. Sterifab to disinfect. Install white metal to prevent entry of birds. Install baffles at soffit lines and a space for storage as you walk up the stairs indicated by the technician. Install attic tent over entrance door. Blow over existing insulation and floor boards with cellulose insulation to reach levels of R49 (14 inches).

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