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Job completed for Sophie G.

Completion date:

June 23, 2020


Arlington, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had an animal in their attic.

Solutions provided:

Gable vent damaged due to wear, tear and probably animal entry previously. Will need new clapboards, custom gable vent and cornice molding for the rake. Recommend replacement with PVC for longevity. Access is somewhat restricted due to power line connection to home. Will require additional work to provide a safe working environment. Demo old clapboards, lead is likely as they are original. Install new clapboards, gable vent and cornice along rake. Caulk/seal where needed.  SES will haul away and dispose of waste properly. Please note that power may need to be disconnected at the meter to facilitate safe work. Customers will be notified of this if it is required. No damage was found to the insulation in the attic. SES will check for any additional wood rot and will advise if any additional work is needed before proceeding.

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