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Job completed for Sharon L.

Completion date:

May 7, 2020


Woodbridge, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer had squirrels in their attic.

Solutions provided:

No droppings in the attic found inspection of attic found trails throughout in sub roofing plywood chewed with debris on top of the insulation that a rodent head to that way to get out from inside the attic, findings from the attic was one exhaust vent on the roof that is open. Roof line appears secure and ridge vents appear secure. Only vulnerable areas that need to be addressed would be the attic fan, and gable vents. After work is completed the crew reinspect the attic to assure that no animal is left behind. Screen five gable vents three on right side of home one on front and one on the left side of home. Install RVG over the attic fan on the roof, screen box vent to the left of it. 

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