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Job completed for Heath W.

Completion date:

March 31, 2020


Arlington, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The customer squirrels in their attic and had damage from it.

Solutions provided:

Install white metal on one eave on left side of home to prevent entry of animals into attic space. Install stainless steel screen on one louvre vent on left side of home to prevent animals from entering attic space. Before the chimney cap from previous contract can be installed old mortar from chimney cap will be removed and new chimney cap mortar will be installed. Both terra-cotta flues will be extended. A second chimney cap will be installed on the second flue. On backside of shingled roof some shingles have come loose and will be roof caulked down to help prevent further wind driven rain. Shingles on back left have been broken and will be replaced.  

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