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Wildlife Proofing Your Home

If you are having trouble with wildlife around your Virginia home, here is some information and tips to help you.

FAQ | Wildlife proofing

How do you keep wild animals away from your home?

Keeping wildlife away from your home is the first step to keeping them out. Some methods you can follow include:

  • Remove food sources(Trash Cans, Fallen Fruit From Trees, and Pet Food)
  • Have less areas of vegetation(Bushes, trim trees, etc.)
  • Make your backyard not a playground. Add metal guards to trees so squirrels won’t climb them.
  • Identify and seal entry holes, screen off vents.

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What animals can get in your house?

When you think about animals getting into your home, what might come to mind are: mice, rats, bats, and squirrels, these animals are not the only animal intruders around in Virginia. 

More common than not, Raccoons, Birds, Opossums, and Snakes also cause inconvienance to your home. 

How does a squirrel get in your house?

Squirrels most commonly get in your house through vents on the sides and roof of your home. These include:

Squirrel Removal Attic Virginia

    • Louvre Vents
    • Ridge Vent
    • Gable Vent
    • Soffit Vent
    • Eave Vent
    • Roof Vent

These vents are made out of common materials such as wood or plastic and can be easily chewed through by a squirrel.

The previously listed vents are designed to improve the efficiency of the air flow of your home. If you have wildlife such as squirrels nesting in them, you have a problem.

Can animals get into walls?

Yes, animals can get into your walls. Wild animals do this by first entering mainly from the attic and then crawl or accidentally fall into the walls from the top.

One way rodents get into your attic space is through traveling up the corner of vinyl siding. Our friends over at Maine Wildlife Management put together a video describing how this happens.

How much does wildlife removal cost?

First, you’ll need an inspection done to decide what course of action to take. This estimate is free from Summit Wildlife Removal. On average, the cost of wildlife removal varies and you should give us a call and schedule a free estimate.

Call your local wildlife home proofing experts, Summit Wildlife Removal for wildlife home proofing near you.

Contact us online or give us a call at 703-884-2124 when you need our services. For dog or cat issues, contact your local municipal animal control office.

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