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Why Are There Nuisance Wild Animals On My Property?

5 Reasons there might be animals on your property and how to get rid of them

What is a nuisance animal?

A nuisance animal is an animal that is causing problems on your property in Northern Virginia, whether they are causing destruction, making loud or annoying noises, eating plants in your garden or urinating and defecating in your living space, these animals are considered nuisances. While animals are necessary for the ecosystem, when they interfere with normal life or cause a conflict to arise, there needs to be an intervention. That is where Summit Wildlife Removal steps in and can help to remedy your nuisance wildlife situation.

Why are the animals on my property?

There are several reasons why there might be animals on your Northern Virginia property, I have linked below five reasons why there might be animals on your property.

  • There is a food source on your property
  • They have been displaced from their home
  • Your property provides safety
  • They are sick or injured
  • They have found a place to have their offspring

Animals have basic needs to survive, just like people, they need food, water and shelter. Animals are drawn to places that offer them a consistent food source. Food sources being close to where the animal lives is important because they might not be able to travel far if they are caring for young. If you have a garden with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, you will likely draw animals to your property that will not only feed off of your garden but also possibly get inside of your home and cause problems. There are certain things you can do if you want to have a garden, but want to keep animals away from it. There is an option of creating a fence or barrier around your garden or even the entirety of your property to keep wildlife away. There are also special plants that you can add to your garden to deter certain animals. Some plants that help keep animals away are mint, lavender, rosemary, and oregano.

With new construction and land development animals are losing their homes. They might choose your home or yard to reside in, because their home was devastated. One of the animals that we receive calls about the most often is birds. Birds are losing the trees they nest in so they are making makeshift nests in vents on people’s homes. A bird nesting in a vent is a very dangerous situation because nesting material is flammable and can be a fire hazard.

Safety is a huge factor and it is important for the animal to feel safe in the place they live. Animals might feel safe on your property or even in your home because they are safe from predators and can control their level of safety in a sense, because they know that they aren’t at risk of being injured, killed or the weather affecting them. 

Some animals that are sick or injured might wander onto your property, simply because they don’t have the energy to move any further. An animal that is sick or injured is in a vulnerable state. These animals are seeking out safety and comfort. The animals instinctively know they will not be able to defend themselves from predators and need to be in a place where they are safe from a possible encounter that could get them killed. 

From time to time, an animal will choose your home or property to give birth to their offspring. Foxes might choose to den under your shed or deck, raccoons might wander into your attic and give birth to their kits in your fluffy insulation. If your attic space is easily accessible from the outside of your home, chances are an animal will gain entry at some point and cause intentional or unintentional damage. Animals will urinate and defecate, chew and tear at insulation and cause other problems. Some animals can even spread diseases from their feces, so while they might be seeking shelter and safety, they will need to be removed from your property for the safety of your home and the members of your household.

What should I do if I have animals in my home or yard?

If there are animals in your yard or home, you need to have an inspection done to confirm what type of animal you have on your property. Once the animal is properly identified, the wildlife technician can come up with a plan to remove it from your property. There are several options for removal that can be discussed with the technician that conducts the inspection. In addition to the removal of the animals, we also offer other services such as insulation replacement, small repairs and seal-out and pest control services.

How to remove the animals from your home or property?

Some animals in Northern Virginia are more difficult than others to remove. Some require special permits or are protected and cannot be touched or moved by people. The best thing to do if you have an animal in your yard or home is to contact a wildlife removal company to make sure that the situation is handled properly. At Summit Wildlife Removal, we can handle your wildlife problem. Some species of bats, for example, are federally protected and the removal process is taken care of in a manner that does not harm or injure the bats.

The wildlife removal options that we offer are live-trapping, exclusion work, barrier walls and one-way exits. The best solution for one person’s home isn’t always the best solution for everyone. One of our skilled wildlife technicians can come out and give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done to effectively, efficiently and humanely take care of your wildlife situation.

If you need wildlife control and removal or pest control services in Fredericksburg, Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington or other parts of Northern Virginia, contact us to schedule your inspection. 

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