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What Is Wildlife Removal And Why Is It Essential?

Wildlife removal is the process by which nuisance animals are removed from a private property or a business. Whether the animal is causing damage or destruction or discomfort, we can remove the animals for you. We use safe and humane practices to remove the animals from your property and ensure that they do not return. Sometimes people confuse wildlife removal with animal control services. The two can seem similar but they are different in the types of animals they work with and the circumstances of removal.

For example animal control primarily works with sick and injured wildlife and domestic animals. A wildlife removal company will not work with domestic animals or animals that are sick or injured. A wildlife removal company works to remove nuisance wildlife that is either causing damage to your home or discomfort. An example of this animal is a woodpecker. Woodpeckers will damage siding and make an annoying pecking sound. If you have a woodpecker on your property, it is important to have them properly deterred and the damage they caused assessed and fixed. 

When do you need wildlife removal services?

There are certain circumstances in which wildlife removal is an essential or crucial process. One occasion when you might need wildlife removal is when an animal has entered your living space and is interfering with the way you and members of your household live. For example, maybe you have a raccoon in your attic, foxes denning in your yard or mice living in your pantry. Animals carry a lot of bacteria and can transmit viruses and diseases to you and members of your home. In addition to viruses and diseases, animals can cause a great deal of damage. 

Wildlife removal is something that is needed year-round but it is more likely in the fall and winter seasons to find wildlife in your attic and inside your home trying to stay warm. Squirrels and raccoons will make their nests inside your attic and use the insulation to keep warm. The insulation will be torn at, and soiled and rendered unusable. If you have damage to your insulation, Summit will be able to give you a free estimate for insulation removal and replacement. We offer something called an attic RCR which stands for remove, clean, and replace. 

If you suspect you have animals in your home, never attempt to remove them or trap them on your own. There are special procedures that need to be followed in regard to trapping and wildlife removal. Wild animals can be unpredictable and even dangerous. One of our skilled wildlife technicians will be able to conduct a thorough inspection and let you know what they can offer to solve your nuisance wildlife concern.

What types of removal services are there?

There are different types of wildlife removal services. The most commonly used form of removal is trapping. There are different types of traps, one-ways, humane traps, sticky traps, snap-traps and lethal traps. A one way is usually used to ensure that an animal has left a space prior to doing a repair. The one way will be left up for a certain period of time and when the animal has left the attic, the one way will be removed and the repairs will be completed. Lethal traps are not used very often, only in certain cases. Most of the time lethal traps are used to catch flying squirrels because they are difficult to trap using other methods. Sticky traps are used for snakes, the snake will slither onto the trap and get stuck. Live-traps are most widely used because they are humane and the easiest to operate. An animal will be drawn to the trap by the bait placed inside and the animal will enter the trap and the door will close behind them. Live traps must be checked every day and any animals that are caught will be removed and the trap will be re-baited and reset. 

Some alternatives to trapping are exclusions and deterrents. A wildlife barrier is a good example because it acts as both an exclusion and a deterrent. If you have animals denning under your shed, you might be recommended a wildlife barrier. The barrier will be installed around the shed so the animals can no longer access the location to den. The barrier wall is installed by digging around the area, then concrete is poured and a wire barrier is installed and backfilled with the dirt. The animals will not be able to den in the area and it will also prevent under animals from trying to burrow. 

What kind of animals do we remove?

We offer humane removal for wildlife in Northern Virginia. We do not work with domestic animals or injured or sick animals. Some of the nuisance wildlife we remove includes:

If you have any of these animals on your property or inside of your home, contact Summit Wildlife Removal and schedule an estimate for wildlife removal services.

How much does wildlife removal cost?

The cost for wildlife removal varies based on the service that is recommended or what you choose for your home. There is no set price for our services because every situation is different and unique and we tailor our services specifically for your needs. We offer free estimates although some animals require an inspection fee. During the time of the inspection, the technician will determine the problem, where the animal is getting in or what damage needs to be repaired. The technician will write a comprehensive estimate outlining the work that needs to be done with the prices for the services that we can complete. 

Who to contact for wildlife removal services

For wildlife removal service in Northern Virginia, Summit Wildlife Removal is the best company to call. If you need wildlife removal services in FredericksburgFairfaxAlexandria  and  Arlington, VA, contact us at 703-884-2124 to schedule an estimate.


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