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What Is Pest Control in Northern VA?

What is a pest?

pest is a destructive insect or animal that causes harm to plants, livestock or even people. They interfere with human living and are considered undesirable because they get into homes, damage food, damage structures and wreak havoc. They may bite, destroy crops, carry and spread diseases and generally make life more difficult. Some common pests in Northern Virginia are miceratsroachesspiders  and  mosquitoes. Generally, pests will not leave on their own and it is important to address the situation before it gets worse. Some pests will even be drawn to your property during certain seasons and will stay there and reproduce, growing their population.

What is extermination vs pest control management?

Exterminate means to destroy completely by any means necessary. Extermination relies on the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides to remove the problem. Those chemicals may be unsafe or even toxic for people and pets. Exterminations will require you to be out of your home while treatment is happening. In addition to the chemicals that exterminators use being harmful, the treatment is typically only a short term solution for a potentially long term problem. Most of the time, the effects are short term and they will have to come back every few months to spray again. Exterminators won’t try to find where the pests are coming from or how they are entering your home, rather just try to destroy their visible population. 

Pest control or pest management is different from extermination because of the method used and the way they go about addressing the situation. Pest control technicians will receive continuous education and training throughout their career to be as informed as they can be about pest situations. Also there are new supplies and materials in the industry that they need to familiarize themselves with so they are constantly training and learning how things work in their industry. Pest control is different from extermination because extermination has the one goal of elimination, whereas pest control is more about removal and prevention or managing a population to an acceptable level. Exterminators will work to eliminate the pests, but are not always effective and the rest of the pests will multiply and be back in no time. Pest control management is about creating a lasting solution for your home to ensure they don’t come back and are adequately taken care of. 

What goes into the pest control process?

When a pest control technician inspects your home for a pest problem, they will first figure out where the pests are coming from and how they are entering your home. They will complete a full and thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the home. Next they will identify what the pest is that is present in your home and then establish a treatment plan that is unique for the type of pest and the homeowner’s situation. Sometimes homeowners will request the use of certain products of more humane methods. They will also assess the damage that was caused by the pests and advise what to do about it. If you move forward with the plan, the pest control technicians will spray or treat the house regularly to help prevent the insects or pests from coming back to the house or building. The chemicals that they use tend to be more natural than those used by exterminators, but they can  work just as well. Pest control companies keep in mind that families may have kids and pets that can be adversely affected if they come into contact with harmful or potentially deadly insecticide and other chemicals. The technician will also seal off entryways that people don’t have easy access to. Pest control technicians will go above and beyond in their attempt to identify the problem and solve it to the best of their abilities. In pest control, they will do a thorough inspection of the home and the yard as well as a moisture check of the home or property to make sure there is no excess water source that is drawing the pests in. While pest control’s goal is the same as exterminators, to remove the pests, there is so much more that goes into pest control management over extermination.

Why should I get pests removed?

It is important to get pests taken care of because they can be harmful to you and your family or cause damage to your property. Several pests cause damage to property and can be harmful or dangerous to people or pets. Some common diseases that pests cause are salmonella, trichinosis, murine typhus, plague, leptospirosis and other disease-causing pathogens. In addition to being harmful to the home. Pests will attract other pests and animals to the property too. If pests and other animals are drawn to the property, it can make the situation worse, because some animals and pests will cause expensive damage. Pests will typically enter the home through the attic, basement or the roof.

Pest prevention methods

In order to keep pests at bay, the best thing to do is to maintain the home’s cleanliness. It is important to not keep firewood stacked up against the house and in contact with the ground. Stack it off the ground and away from the structure The branches of trees should remain trimmed and away from the property to make sure animals and pests do not have means to get into the home easier. It is also important to seal up cracks, crevices and holes in the property to ensure pests don’t come into the house. Keeping food properly stored can make your home less attractive to pests. Pest control is not something that has an immediate effect and works overnight. Usually, pest control situations will get worse before they get better while the methods are taking effect. Treatments will happen regularly to get the problem under control and preventative measures can also be taken to reduce the population and the chance of them returning to your property. 

Pest control in Northern Virginia

For pest control in Northern Virginia, Summit will gladly help you with what may be going on in your home. For more information about our pest control services in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington or other parts of Northern Virginia, or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today.

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