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Snake Sightings in the Summer in Virginia

In the summer, snakes tend to be more active in comparison to other months. As the summer winds down however, snakes will become less active when they enter brumation. Brumation starts in September to December and ends March or April and is similar to hibernation and snakes will sleep for an extended period of time. Snakes are the most active during the months of March through October.

Snakes are cold blooded and the summer sun will warm their bodies. Snakes can often be seen enjoying the warmth, basking on rocks or near water sources. Although snakes cannot be in temperatures higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it will kill them in minutes. In fact, snakes begin to feel overheated at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. So snakes choose to go out in the mornings at dawn or right before sunset at dusk. 

There are typically two snake seasons in Virginia, when baby snakes will be born. Most snakes lay eggs and the eggs will hatch but copperheads have live births. Baby snakes are born in the late summer including baby copperheads. Copperheads are venomous and can be extremely dangerous for you and members of your household to be around.

Snake Prevention in Northern VA

It is important to keep your yard or property clean and try to avoid attracting snakes and other wildlife. Some things you can do to prevent snakes are to:

      • Manage your lawn
      • Avoid keeping stacks of wood piles
      • Eliminate food sources
      • Have wildlife exclusions completed such as snake fences
      • Have professional snake treatments done

Keeping grass short and shrubs and bushes trimmed can help to avoid giving snakes a place to hide. Rodent populations can be decreased when the yard is properly landscaped and if rodent populations diminish, snakes should move away from your property to find a different food source. 

Properly storing wood piles and other debris can also remove a hiding place for snakes, making it less likely for them to spend time on your property. 

Eliminating food sources is important for keeping snakes away. Snakes will typically feast on rodents, lizards and frogs. If there is standing water on the property, it will also attract snakes so make sure to dump out buckets or containers that have filled with water. Human food and garbage should be cleaned up and properly stored. Having a professional pest control company come out and do routine treatments can also help to limit the food sources on your property.

Wildlife exclusions such as animal barrier walls, snake fences and seal outs can help keep snakes away and prevent them on your property. It is important to have the work done by a professional wildlife removal company such as Summit Wildlife Removal  serving Northern Virginia. 

There are professional snake treatments that use deterrents, traps, granulars and other treatments will help to keep the snakes away from the home. It is crucial to have snake treatments administered by a professional company. Summit offers snake treatments, snake removal and snake prevention options. For more information about snake control in AlexandriaArlington, FredericksburgFairfax and the surrounding parts of Northern VA, contact us today to schedule a snake inspection and estimate.

In addition to pest control services  and wildlife removal, we offer attic insulationwaterproofingcrawl space repairs  and  encapsulationsroof repairs and replacements  and more. Contact us today to schedule an inspection for your home.

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