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How To Keep Your Home Roach Free

How to keep your home roach free
Roach Characteristics

Roaches are insects that are typically brown or black. They are known in the media for being unable to be killed. In fact they can live for a week without their head and a month without any food. They are known for surviving most things on the earth that other creatures haven’t been able to withstand and they are believed to have originated over 280 million years ago during the Carboniferous era. They are known for being the most adaptable species in the world and can live in virtually any environment given the right circumstances. You may see them in the spring time as the weather gets warmer up until early fall. They will live outside for the most part, but like to find an indoor shelter when the weather gets extreme, for example during droughts, when there is a lot of rain, snow or extreme cold.

What types of roaches are there in VA?

The two types of roaches that are most commonly found in Virginia are the American and the German roaches. The American cockroach is the largest species of roach found in the United States and is about one to one and half inches long, sometimes even longer. The German cockroach is the cockroach that is most commonly found in the United States. The American roaches normally live outside and they can actually fly. They are reddish brown and have a yellow band behind their head. Roaches are nocturnal so it may be difficult to know you have them because they are most active during the hours you might be asleep. They will come out in the night to look for food and to mate. 

Why are there roaches in my house?

Roaches can gain entry to your home in a variety of ways. Typically roaches will enter your home on luggage, clothing, boxes and grocery bags. In apartment buildings they can go from unit to unit and in commercial buildings they can move from one unit to the next through the ceilings or plumbing. Roaches are drawn to garbage, moisture, pet food and crumbs or floor and counter, leftover food and dirty dishes. The American cockroach likes to nest in mulch and soil in gardens but will be drawn to your home if they find it offers them a source of food and moisture. The most common areas you can find these pests are in bathrooms, crawl spaces, kitchens and wet basements. They will stay anywhere that is cool, damp and dark. Roaches are scavengers and feed off a variety of things.

What are some signs of roaches?

Because roaches aren’t independent, if you see one in your home, chances are there is an infestation. Some other signs of roaches are seeing their dropping and egg casings in addition to smelling a musty odor which comes from the pheromones they release in their feces which draw other roaches near. Roaches will leave piles of dark droppings that resemble coffee grounds or black pepper. Roaches will also shed their skin and leave smear marks on walls and other surfaces. roaches will chew on whatever they can find and will eat through books, clothing and other materials.

How to get rid of roaches?

We can help you rid your home of roaches with pest control services. There are some alternative methods to ensure that your home is roach free. Some recommendations are to keep your home very clean, buy store bought traps and bait, clear clutter, remove old newspapers and cardboard boxes, seal cracks and crevices and  inspect for plumbing issues. Roaches don’t like the smell of lavender, citrus or eucalyptus, so those scents can help deter roach populations. 

Roaches are very challenging to get rid of because they can survive most things that other pests cannot. They are incredibly resilient creatures and can be difficult to manage. Professional pest control is the only true way to control an infestation. At Summit Pest Control, we can offer long-term roach solutions to ensure the roaches are eliminated and stay away. In addition to chemical treatments, we can also offer seal out options and preventative measures. In addition to being difficult to eliminate, the species can reproduce very quickly laying as many as 40 eggs at a single time.

Roaches are treated based on what species they are and the American cockroach and the German cockroach are removed or controlled using different methods that work best for their unique species. Some types are more receptive to gel bait where others might do better with insecticides or some other alternatives.

Why is it important to get rid of roaches?

It is important to get rid of roaches because they can carry a lot of microbes and other harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses such as food poisoning and salmonella. Roaches can also cause problems with allergies and asthma. Roaches are known for being some of the filthiest creatures, not only because of the places they dwell but also because of the food they will eat but because of their ability to spread disease. Roaches will literally live in grease and grime completely unbothered by it. When roaches are near the food you eat, they can spread their bacteria and make you and members of your household very sick. Roaches thrive when they are outside and should remain there to ensure the health and happiness of all the members of your household, including pets. Roaches can also make pets sick, so it is important to make sure they are properly treated for.

Roach Control and Removal in Northern VA

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