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Green Pest Control

What is green pest control?

Green pest control is when a company utilizes green or natural pest products instead of chemical pesticide treatments. The insecticides are organic or botanically based and usually made up of essential oils and other ingredients derived from nature. They are eco-friendly products and are used commercially as well as residentially. Sometimes green pest control is the absence of products entirely and includes pest management techniques instead called integrated pest management. Green products are usually less harsh than traditional methods and people think they might not be as effective. 

Why do people choose green pest control?

There are different reasons why people choose green pest control. One being that the natural products are safer for the environment and make less of an impact on the earth. Some people also feel safer using natural and green products because they have children or pets and are worried about their health and safety. Another reason for the use of green products is that it is more humane and ethical for the pests. Green products are often preferred for use in hospitals, schools or homes with immune compromised individuals. 

What are some examples of green products?

There are certain brands that carry green or natural pest control products. Additionally, there are some natural remedies that might be effective such as the use of boric acid and insect growth regulators. Green products are more effective with some pests than others, for example,  antsspidersmosquitoes  and cockroaches

How effective is green pest control?

Some people might wonder if green pest control is actually effective and if it works as well as chemical methods. It is all dependent on the type of pest and how severe the issue is. One of our skilled pest control technicians will be able to determine what the best treatments are for your home. The pest technician will work diligently to provide long-term control and maintenance for the pest problem. These products are known to work quicker than other chemicals and have longer lasting vapor action. The products are safe to use near water sources and there are no known insects that are resistant to the chemicals. Overall, green products are just as effective, if not more effective than other products as long as they are used properly by a professional pest control technician from a licensed pest control company like Summit Pest Control.

How much does green pest control cost?

Green pest control tends to cost the same as chemical treatments or a little more depending on the target pest and what needs to be done. Some of the green products can be more expensive than other chemical alternatives because they have essential oils and other more costly natural ingredients. Summit Pest Control offers a free estimate for pest control services. One of our skilled technicians will be able to conduct a thorough pest inspection and give you a price for treatment upon completion of the inspection.

Green pest control vs traditional pest control

The main difference between green pest control services and traditional pest control techniques is the use of chemicals. In green treatments some of the same pesticides that are used in traditional pest services can be used. Green pest control also focuses on controlling the pests in different ways other than solely relying on the use of insecticides and other chemicals. Integrated pest management involves cooperation between the pest control client and the pest control technician as a plan is devised to ensure long-term relief from pest problems. 

The best thing to do if you have pests is to hire a pest control company. Never attempt to do your own pest control. Despite green products being safer and eco-friendly, they are still very potent and if used improperly can make you and members of your household sick. Pesticides and insecticides have labels with instructions that must be followed to ensure safety and health for those in the home. If chemicals are overused or mixed improperly, it can quickly become dangerous. 

Pest prevention in Northern Virginia

In between pest treatments it is important to maintain your property to prevent the pest infestation from getting worse or pests from returning to your property. Some things you can do to prevent pests are:

-Keep you home clean 

-Store food properly

-Landscape lawn and keep the lawn tidy and free of things that attract pests

-Call for pest follow ups

Keeping your home clean is crucial to preventing pests. When your yard is clean and well maintained and your home is tidy and free of attractants, pests will be less likely to stick around. Pests are drawn to food sources so if you keep the food away, the pests will likely move on to a different place where they have food available. From time to time you will need to have your pest control company return and do a follow-up appointment if the pest problem is not getting any better. Some pests require you to wait a certain amount of time before they can be re-treated. 

How to find a company with green products

If you have pests in your Northern Virginia home and hope to find a company that will utilize green products and integrated pest management services, look no further than Summit Pest Control. At Summit Pest Control one of our pest professionals will diagnose your pest problem and determine the best solution for it. Whether you decide to go with a quarterly pest control treatment or a monthly pest service, Summit Pest Control will help you get your pest problem under control.

What pests can Summit Pest Control work with?

Summit Pest Control works with a variety of different pests listed below:


Bed Bugs


Carpenter Bees









Stinging Insects

Stink Bugs




We offer green product pest control for all of the pests that we offer services for. If you would like to hear more about green products and what they can do to help with pests on your property, contact Summit Pest Control and schedule an estimate. 

For pest control services in  AlexandriaArlingtonFredericksburgFairfax and surrounding parts of Northern Virginia, contact your local pest experts at Summit Pest Control. 

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