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Feeling Conflicted About Wildlife Removal

A lot of people can be hesitant to have wildlife removed from their property for various reasons. One of the main concerns is that it is not humane or ethical. In Virginia there are certain protocols we have to follow when it comes to laws and regulations. For example, if you have bats on your property, it is important to hire a professional wildlife removal company like Summit Wildlife Removal because they are federally protected species.

Trapping can be difficult and dangerous to take on yourself. It is easiest to have a company to trap the animal to ensure it is done safely, humanely and legally. Some places have special laws and regulations in connection to trapping so it is important to make sure you are properly following laws. 

If you choose to not do anything, the nuisance animals can make matters worse on your property and potentially cause costly damage and expose you and members of your household to bacteria, viruses and diseases. Our practices are humane and involve live trapping  which ensures the animal will leave your property alive and does not suffer. The traps are checked every 24 hours and any animal caught is removed from the property by the trapping technician and a new trap will be placed with bait. The trapping and removal processes do not cause the animal suffering or harm. 

Alternatives to trapping

There are some alternatives to trapping that will help to keep the animals away from your property. For example, an animal barrier wall. Animal barrier walls are metal wire mesh secured onto concrete. The animal barrier is then covered with dirt. These barriers are placed in front of porches, decks and sheds to prevent animals from burrowing under these structures and wreaking havoc in their yard. Another alternative to trapping is the use of deterrents. Deterrents can be items that make noises or are reflective or have a scent, motion or something else that annoys the animal. An example of this is a reflective owl device that can help to keep woodpeckers away. 

Trapping is the most common form of wildlife removal however it can sometimes not be the most effective or offer long term solutions for your nuisance wildlife problem. Trapping will sometimes be effective to remove the target animal but from time to time other non-target animals will be caught. We however cannot guarantee that the target animal will be caught. Animals are wild and can be sneaky and outsmart traps at times. To ensure that animals stay away from your property you will need to have a long-term solution.

Preventing wildlife on your property

The best and most effective thing you can do is to take care of your property and try to keep the wildlife away. Animals are attracted to places that offer them safety, food and warm areas that are dry. Overgrown bushes on your property can be the perfect spot for an animal to hide from predators so it is important to keep your yard well maintained and landscaped. Additionally, animals might be attracted to the plants you grow in your yard, so consider planting things that animals are not attracted to. It is important to have your home regularly inspected for damages to ensure that animals do not enter in through holes and gaps. Having seal outs and exclusion work done is critical in preventing animals from getting on your property and inside your home. 

Pest control services can also help to keep wildlife away from your property. If you have pests on your property, especially rodents it can attract wildlife like snakes and other predators. Summit Pest Control offers free estimates for pest control services. For more information, contact Summit Pest Control. 

Why should I remove nuisance animals

Removing nuisance might make you feel conflicted, but ultimately it is the right thing to do, especially if the animals are in your home. Animals will make their nests and have their young and urinate and defecate inside your home. They will bring in bacteria and mites, fleasticks and other pests. Animals carry a lot of bacteria and can transmit harmful viruses and diseases. Bats pose a large concern because they can spread diseases like histoplasmosis and rabies. Animals can also cause damage to your yard and to your home. Rodents and squirrels can chew on wires and cause a potential fire hazard. It is important to remove them from your home to prevent damages and the spread of harmful diseases and viruses that can impact you and members of your household.

How much does nuisance animal removal cost?

Nuisance animal removal cost is dependent on a few different factors. The first being what type of animal needs to be removed. Oftentimes when a customer calls in they do not know what type of animal is in their attic or crawl space, they just hear noises and know they want the animal removed. At Summit Wildlife Removal, the first step in any wildlife removal process is identifying the target animal. When the target animal is identified, the wildlife technician can plan accordingly and come up with the best solution to remove the animal, and do any necessary repairs such as a seal out of insulation removal and replacement. The technician will be able to best determine the price after the inspection and give you an estimate on the spot. 

If you have nuisance animals on your property and need them safely and humanely removed, contact Summit Wildlife Removal. Summit will remove bats, birdsraccoonssquirrelssnakes  and several other animals. Inquire about our unique bat and snake surveys and our estimates for other wildlife. Additionally, we offer pest control services and can do roof repair, insulation removal and replacement and crawl space work.

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