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Asian Lady Beetles vs Ladybugs

How to tell the difference between Asian Lady Beetles and Ladybugs?

Asian lady beetles are slightly larger than ladybugs. Asian lady beetles can vary in color from orange to red whereas all ladybugs are red with black spots. Asian lady beetles have a pointed head and ladybugs are more of an oval or round shape. 

The easiest way to tell the two insects apart is their markings. Ladybugs have black heads with white markings that are circular-shaped. Asian lady beetles have an m or w shape on their head. Asian lady beetles are an invasive species meaning they are not native to the area and they invaded the area by some means. In most cases, invasive species are accidentally transported during shipment and introduced to the new area. Some invasive species are dangerous and can cause issues with the environment. 

Ladybugs are often referred to as ladybirds or lady beetles, however, Asian lady beetles are a different species entirely. There are over 6000 different species of ladybugs, but the most common type is the convergent ladybug. The convergent ladybug is red with black spots. If you see a ladybug in Northern Virginia, it is most likely a convergent ladybug. When it gets cold out, ladybugs will seek shelter outside. Ladybugs also do not gather in large groups.  Asian lady beetles will gather in large groups and will try to draw near windows and other reflective or warm services. You are more likely to see Asian lady beetles in the fall time, because they are actively trying to find shelter for winter. 

How is their behavior different?

Asian lady beetles tend to be more aggressive in nature than ladybugs and are actually dangerous to dogs. They will attach themselves to the inside of the dog’s mouths and an enzyme will stick them to the roof of their mouth and upset their stomachs and cause discomfort in their mouth. Asian lady beetles will bite by scraping the skin of what they land on. These beetles will also emit a foul-smelling odor that is yellow wherever they will land. 

Why should you keep these pests away?

Ladybugs are not harmful or bad to have on your property, in fact they are referred to as nature’s pest control because they will prey on other harmful and nuisance pests and help reduce their population on your property. Ladybugs will eat aphids which are known for wreaking havoc in gardens and ruining plants. Ladybugs will get into your home by accident but won’t cause any damage or harm. Asian lady beetles on the other hand are drawn to dark, warm areas and will often gather on window and door frames in massive quantities. They will also get in through cracks and make their way into your attic, basement and other parts of the home. 

The best way to keep these pests away is to exclude them from your property. Do not leave doors and windows open. Sealing out cracks and crevices will also help to keep the Asian lady beetles and ladybugs out of your home. 

How to get rid of Asian Lady Beetles?

The best way to get rid of nuisance pests is to hire a pest control company like Summit Pest Control and enroll in a general pest control program. Additionally, if you have Asian lady beetles inside your home, it is advised to vacuum them up gently and avoid crushing them. Asian Lady beetles secrete a yellow liquid that will stain surfaces and produce an unpleasant scent. Pest control companies have plans to combat these pests on your property. 

How can you keep Asian Lady Beetles away?

To keep Asian lady beetles away from your property, you will need to properly exclude them to make sure they cannot get into your home. Seal up cracks and crevices and make sure to keep doors and windows closed. In addition to having your home properly sealed out, make sure to scrub down the areas where there has been lady beetle activity with warm soap and water. The soap solution will help to keep the beetles from returning later. 

Additionally it is important to hire a pest control company for general pest control. While there are no targeted treatments for Asian lady beetles, they tend to be receptive to most traditional general pest treatments and even green treatments. General pest treatments will also help to keep away some pests which are their food source and what is drawing them to the property.

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