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Common Raccoon Removal Issues:

  • Raccoon In Attic
  • Raccoon In Crawl Space
  • Raccoons In My Yard
  • Trapped Raccoon
  • Dead Raccoon Removal

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Raccoon Removal

Mean Raccoon Damaging Home

Getting Rid Of Raccoons

Removing Raccoons is very dangerous and requires certifications and licenses. The most effective way of removing raccoons from your Virginia home will be to employ methods of trapping.

After trapping is completed, then we will repair the damages the raccoon has brought to your home. Once damages are repaired, we will start exclusion repairs. These are the areas of entry so that the raccoon does not come back.

Raccoon Damage On Roof

Damage From Raccoons

Raccoons will cause damage to your home. The damage can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars if you don't remove them quickly!

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