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Tam R.
Arlington, VA
October 15, 2021

Install heavy gauge stainless steel screen attached to sides of porch, and buried to a depth of 20” and embedded in a concrete curb.

Franklin H.
Herndon, VA
October 14, 2021

Use dark sheet metal (brown) to exclude area.

Nicole J.
Woodbridge, VA
October 13, 2021

Remove all blown in insulation and mouse droppings in both attic spaces. Use Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install copper cloth in any gap and crack to help reduce the areas where mice could come into the attic space. Air seal any gap and conduit line with spray foam for better energy efficiency. Install foam board insulation on the entry door and weather stripping around the entry point. Install new brakes at the soffit lines and around the entry point. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches in both attic spaces. (Does not include over the garage area).

Laura D.
Burke, VA
October 12, 2021

After treatment inside of Attic .remove all insulation to include heavy soiled mice droppings, suck out droppings downstairs in basement drop tile ceiling areas,suck out droppings from empty garage attic. Disinfect all areas to kill any bacteria, parasites, or Mites.Blow in r 38 cellulose insulation to current standard and main attic Install drywall to buy to schedule hatch inside the garage. Screen three gable vents, one left-hand side of garage, one over garage, and one on the right hand side of home. Install reinforced Allman critter guard behind gutter line and reinforce with screws seal gaps and prevent mice from entering into attics. Replace rotten trim behind wrap on rear right of Main of home, after replaced wrap with almond colored metal.

Tim B.
Ashburn, VA
October 12, 2021

Seal underneath freeze board over brick garage or left-hand side of home, seal freeze board on front left side of home attached to brick at gable, seal freeze board along the front side of home that attaches to brick. Almond color will be used to seal openings and prevent any type of rodents or bats from entering. Seal gap at soffit over brick garage which meets main home with almond piece of metal. Install for Bird guards around exterior of home to prevent birds from nesting in entering vents. Extract debris in bird nesting from exhaust vent on right hand side of home that is stuffed with trash and zip ties. Disinfect vent to kill any bird mites or lice, repair a vent that is broken and cracked and screen around perimeter underneath to prevent birds and re-entering.

Arthur C.
Ashburn, VA
October 9, 2021

Install metal (sandstone beige) on six eaves on the front of the home to prevent entry of squirrels into the attic space. Wrap a section of frieze board near the main entry point indicated by the technician.

Venus S.
Haymarket, VA
October 9, 2021

Soffit ajar on main part of roof where roof meets soffit on both sides. 32' ladder. Place white sheet metal in soffit area to strengthen places where soffit is ajar. 2-3 places. Screen over vent that leads into garage birds are getting in.

Adrian M.
Dumfries, VA
October 9, 2021

Exclusion on both sides of gutter with almond color metal to cover fascia area impacted by squirrels. Sanitize 2x2 area in front of entrance points. Remove impacted blown in insulation and replace with access from other areas in attic.

Jagadish P.
Vienna, VA
October 9, 2021

Install stainless steel chimney cap.

Deana M.
Haymarket, VA
October 8, 2021

Remove all insulation from each joist box in the basement and seal with caulk and insulating foam, seal up any mice entry holes with copper mesh, or solid metal and weather/moisture seal with caulk, then replace insulation with new fiberglass batts. Clean up any debris. Remove hardened and shrunk caulk from around HVAC line and waterspigot and re caulk. Install copper mesh under the siding bottom along entire rear of home sealing this in place with heavy duty caulk and metal screws. Also seal corner channels in same method. Install heavy gauge stainless steel screen buried to a depth of ten inches on patio across entry path. Also install the same screen on the front porch on both sides to the same depth. Use drop cloths to protect stored items on shelves, and move stored items on floor as needed and replace when done. Clean up any debris with broom or vacuum. Use caulk with lowest odor.

Ari R.
Fairfax Station, VA
October 8, 2021

Birds in fireplace to be frightened off and we will remove all nesting materials possible. Interior area of chimney to be disinfected. Nesting materials to be bagged and removed. Chimney cap to be installed on top of flue.

Marvin C.
West Springfield, VA
October 7, 2021

Remove insulation from attic to include road and droppings, two treatments to be conducted within a month prior to attic being cleaned out. Install r 38 batted insulation to current standard over cathedral ceiling on 1/2 of attic and blow in r38 cellulose insulation on the other half. Attic to be disinfected after droppings are removed, inspected attic for any damage the wires or holes found an HVAC ductwork.

David W.
Burke, VA
October 6, 2021

Install reinforced critter guard on front rear of home behind gutters to secure with screws to prevent flying squirrels from chewing through corners of wood behind gutters. Seal underneath with almond color sealant at rake board or left hand side of home over front porch and on the left side of home upper roof that meets brick to prevent that some re-entering. Install RVG over attic fan on rear roof to prevent that and squirrels from entering into attic. Screen three circular gable vents on exterior of home to prevent flying squirrels and bats re-entering, right side of home has offset Reus was 32 foot ladder required and also a 10 foot to get from one roof up to second gable vent.

Chris J.
Burke, VA
October 4, 2021

Replace rake board at rear of home left side and then wrap with almond color metal Reinstall siding on the rear roof left side under rake that’s being replaced that has calmed attached by wind, reinforce with screws. Install ridge guard on top of roof or front and rear side to prevent rodents from entering attic. Removal of insulation after conducting treatments for rodents, cleanup of rodent droppings and then disinfect to kill any bacteria, hantavirus, or fleas. Install 130 ft.² or 38 better installation of a cathedral seal and blow in or 38 cellulose insulation into attic to current standard. Conduct rodent treatment using rodenticide inside of attic every two weeks for three treatments prior to Insulation replacement.

Andrew M.
Stafford, VA
October 4, 2021

3 louver vents with stainless steel, seal gaps with caulk at top of bricks, clean small area of attic.

Kim R.
McLean, VA
September 30, 2021

Bat Seal Out and One Way Seal up as much a roof area at chimney as possible, allowing bat exit through a one-way exit. Return remove one way and seal completely.

Earl B.
Alexandria, VA
September 25, 2021

Install heavy gauge stainless steel screen over louver vents to prevent entry, caulk 20” long gap at vent. Remove insulation where bats have left guano and sanitize a ten square foot area and replace insulation there with loose cellulose.

Katherine W.
Arlington, VA
September 23, 2021

Create an animal barrier using heavy gauge stainless steel screen buried to a depth of 20 inches and embedded in a concrete curb. The screen will be permanently affixed to the sides of the shed. 36 linear feet, Consisting of the front and side but not the rear of the shed.

Allison M.
Centreville, VA
September 21, 2021

Trim back shrubs as needed around deck on rear of home, dig down approximately 10 inches and pour concrete and install stainless screen barrier wall around perimeter of deck and pin it to underneath of deck. Existing lattice work will have to be polled and reinstalled after work is complete, corners at steps of deck will have barrier wall screening attached to deck board and under Neath deck. Important note Miss utility will need to be called and mark off around perimeter of deck as they have water irrigation system in place.

Dustin S.
Partlow, VA
September 21, 2021

Remove insulation from attic to include bat droppings, disinfect attic to kill any bat mites or bugs and or present bacteria. Baffle at rear and front roofline points inside of attic to also include around scuttle entry. Below and are 38 cellulose insulation to current standard. Oh and rear of home shave spray foam at block fireplace or left-hand side which means house and seal With a clear sealant. Screen left and right Gables from exterior. Box off 10 dormer pockets on front and rear of home with white metal on the left and right hand side. Install back one-way exits as needed at soffit in roofline of dormer.

Eric C.
McLean, VA
September 18, 2021

Remove shutters on front center of home at upper window and assure bats are not hanging off stone, reattach shutters and install polyurethane mesh around shutters to prevent back to reentering.

Julie P.
Burke, VA
September 17, 2021

Remove lattice around deck, dig down approximately 10 to 12 inches and pour concrete in order to set their wall. Once barrier wall screening has been installed underground backfill and level topsoil over concrete Redimix and attach screening to underside of the deck around perimeter to prevent fox and any other animal from Borrowing and gaining access back under deck.

Wendy D.
Falls Church, VA
September 13, 2021

Dig down at front porch outside perimeter 12 inches and pour concrete and install stainless screen to prevent rodents and snakes from entering under and into house.

Robin K.
Chantilly, VA
September 11, 2021

1) Trapping up to 10 business days for squirrels. 2) Install critter guard above gutter line around home t prevent entry. 3) Remove insulation from attic to include any nesting, or droppings. Sterifab treat to kill any bacteria, lice, or mites. Blow in R38 cellulose insulation to VA standard.

Kristen E.
Arlington, VA
September 10, 2021

Install ridge guard along both ridge vents on apex of the roof. Will prevent entry of bats into the attic space. Use white caulk along gaps on solid soffit lines on right and left side of main part of the home. Use caulk on gaps between the chimney/rake board and the chimney/flashing on the right side of the home. Use caulk on eaves to seal up the gaps on the backside of the home.

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