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Ronald W
Clifton, VA
March 16, 2020

Install one-way exit for skunk to exit. Animal Barrier Wall: Dig down 16 inches around front slab, pour concrete Redimix and install animal barrier wall from stainless screening in attached to underside of slab concrete porch.

Lesley O
Centreville, VA
March 4, 2020

Trap for target animal (squirrel). Remove sections of rake board indicated by technician and install new pressure treated wood. Wrap all rake boards on both sides of home with colored metal to match home as best as possible. Includes wrapping rake board on smaller roof on rear of home over kitchen area. (Deep granite) Any accessible nesting will be removed from the outside of front left corner of rake board during repairs. Sterifab will be sprayed to disinfect area where squirrel was nesting. 2 year work and labor warranty

Mike T
Reston, VA
February 15, 2020

Install critter guard almond color around the roofline on front and back of home.

Diane H
Herndon, VA
February 13, 2020

Install 1 way exit at left gable vent Trapping Program Install 18x24 vinyl gable vent on left side of home. Screen gable vents x 3 Install 3 stainless steal screens and reinforce by screws Install critter guard Install metal above gutter line of home to seal roof line gap

Tammie W
Woodbridge, VA
February 13, 2020

Animal barrier wall Dig down up to 16 inches around front stoop area and as far as first walkway tile indicated by technician. Install stainless steel screen and secure bottom with cement. Secure top with tapcon screws. Use existing dirt to cover exclusion work as best as possible. Extra brown mulch Will be brought to help hide exclusion work as best as possible. Install a one way door for a period of time and remove. 3 year work and labor warranty

Biniam T
Woodbridge, VA
February 10, 2020

1). Front porch: Excavate adjacent to front porch where soil is. Approx. 12-18” depth. 2) Install stainless steel screen barrier, attach to porch. Backfill with layer of concrete and soil. 3) Install 1 way exit/door for skunk. Leave in place up to 2 weeks. Monitor. Once animal is deemed to have vacated, remove 1 way exit and seal up 2 year warranty at repair areas against skunks.

Betsy K
Arlington, VA
February 10, 2020

36 Lf wildlife barrier 28 Lf wildlife barrier Dig down 24” place wildlife barrier 1/2 inch stainless steel Attach to structure’s Secure in ground with concrete Back fill area Prevents skunk,groundhog,fox,rat,chipmunk,snakes attach 3 one way doors at active area Give allowed time come back Remove one way door’s Secure barrier Move pavers and place back see pics 3 days free wildlife trapping Services come with two year labor warranty (warranty only covers services performed by summit)

Tim S
Alexandria, VA
February 7, 2020

Trap for target animal (squirrel). Remove mesh screen on front and rear soffit lines and install stainless steel screen. Install stainless steel screen on one vent on rear roof. Install critter guard along gutter line to protect sub roofing gap. Install one chimney cap on chimney flu on right side of home Install white sheet metal on rake board on both sides of home to prevent animal entry. One section of rake board will be replaced.

Marilyn K.
Annandale, VA
February 6, 2020

Animal Removal - One-Way Exclusion Program: Installation of one way exit cage At front soffit and temporarily sealed until raccoon is gone and permanent repairs are made.

Andrew N
Alexandria, VA
February 4, 2020

Install RVG over attic fan of rear roof. Install reinforced critter guard behind gutters at roofline on front and rear of home. Reattach siding on upper section of Home right side. Sterifab treatment to kill any Bacteria, parasites, or lice Disinfect treatment of $645 being done at no cost with all the work being done. Remove soiled insulation from attic, to include droppings from wildlife/rodents.Stare fab treat to kill any bacteria, parasites, fleas,or lice. Blow in R 38 cellulose insulation to current standard. Install baffle wall around pulldown attic access.

Chris M
Centreville, VA
February 3, 2020

Install RVG over attic fan on rear roof Trapping program for squirrels, Client giving a $200 discount included with all work them done. Sterifab treatment to kill any bird mites or lice and odor. Spray treatment of attic being done at no cost courtesy to Client. Since all work has been done Box soffit on front of home and rear of home that meets roof line with white metal Install 5 inch white leaf Solutions around homes roof line gutter line

Pamela J
Sterling, VA
January 27, 2020

10ft ladder Pull material Sanitize line Replace vent shield for bathroom vent or dryer vent 30ft ladder Replace 4 24x18 Customer wants white vents Plus screen interior of vent as well Work comes with a two year warranty. Warranty covers labor and replacement of gable vents and screening as well as dryer/bathroom vent replacement if needed within 2 years

Jeff H
Burke, VA
January 26, 2020

Screen for gable vents on hole with stainless screening to prevent entry into attic from animals using brown screws and stainless screws for the white louver. Install RV G over attic fan a rear roof to prevent wildlife from nesting on top of interior screening. Sterifab treatment to kill Bacteria’s mites or fleas and any odor inside attic after seal out. Trapping program for one week squirrels.

Scott R
Fredericksburg, VA
January 25, 2020

Seal off two louvre vents from the outside with stainless steel screen to prevent entry of wildlife.

Brennan R
Alexandria, VA
January 24, 2020

Rake board on right side of home is damaged. Remove all rake board and install new composite 1x6 rake board. Wrap with white metal to prevent entry of animals.

Karen O
Centreville, VA
January 24, 2020

Critter Guard Install critter guard around Holmes gutter line to close roofline gap where squirrels and mice or accessing into attic color Jupiter Ridge green from all side, client approves color as best matched. Gutter spikes to be reset back in place due to back out from gutters Seal Out Ground seal out in rear, 78 lin ft. After removing old screen, dig 20", install 12" metal screen. Using 1 x 2 pressure treated lumber, attach top of screen to deck. Install plywood kick plate. rvg Install a RBG box over rear attic fan to prevent entry from rodents and animals into attic mice treatment Install bait stations around home front right rear and left sides for mice one time treatment, stations to be checked 30 days later to see if a regular treatment is needed. Take bore camera and punch screwdriver size hole into garage lower wall at door to kitchen where alarm is mounted to assure nothing is dead in wall Insulation - Removal and Install Blown in attic insulation, fiberglass to be removed including mice droppings/squirrel droppings. Stare fab treatment to be conducted an attic to kill any mites, bacteria, or lice.Blown in our 49 cellulose insulation will be installed two current standard. Baffles to be installed at entry point, and soffit points.

Ilona K
Reston, VA
January 23, 2020

Replace plywood and install metal exclusion.

Daniel O
Ashburn, VA
January 23, 2020

Trap for target animal (squirrel). Install/wrap cream colored metal (almond) on rake boards on backside of home. Will include smaller shed roof over kitchen area. On back left corner of rake board the exclusion work that was done by another company will be removed.

Marian C
Arlington, VA
January 23, 2020

Animal Trapping: Squirrel trapping program, traps to be checked daily and reset and squirrels removed per capture.

Kristine P
Reston, VA
January 16, 2020

Install two roof vent guards over two attic fans to prevent entry of animals into attic space. Trap for target animal (squirrel)

Kim N
Vienna, VA
January 14, 2020

1. Trap for target animal (raccoon) 2. Install two RVG (roof vent guards) over two attic fans. 3. Install critter guard along gutter lines to protect sub roofing gap. 4. Install white metal (box out) on eave to prevent entry of animals into attic space. 5. Roof Repair - Remove section of shingles, plywood, and pipe collar indicated by technician. Install new plywood/subroofing, ice/water shield, shingles to match as best as possible, new pipe collar.

Radha M
Clifton, VA
January 14, 2020

16lf Wildlife Barrier Dig down 24” Attach barrier to Dirt Fill porch and partial Flange barrier Secure with concrete Attach one way door at active area Give allowed time come back secure with concrete Backfill area 2 year working labor warranty for services performed by Summit

Roger H
Fairfax Station, VA
January 13, 2020

Trap for target animal (flying squirrel) Install one piece of metal where one hole is located in sub roofing gap. Replace section of solid soffit line and paint to match as best as possible. Install metal on both sides of chimney where soffit meets the brick. Install one roof vent guard over one attic fan. Spot clean area where flying squirrels have defecated. (Will include clean up of accessible fecal matter and sterifab to disinfect) 2 year on areas excluded only

Danny L
Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA
January 10, 2020

Trap for target animal (squirrel). Install brown metal to match gutter line as best as possible. Left rear rake board is the main entry point. Section of solid soffit will be replaced and painted. 2 year work and labor warranty on exclusion work that is done by Summit.

Helen H
Reston, VA
January 2, 2020

Trap for target animal (raccoon) Multiple sections of roof have been damaged by raccoon and will need to be repaired. Remove damaged section of shingles and plywood. Install new sub roofing/ plywood, ice/water shield, and shingles to match as best as possible. Replace entire front fascia board due to damage. Install critter guard along front and rear gutter line to protect sub roofing gap. Remove front solid soffit line and install new pressure treated soffit with new soffit vents. 2 year work and labor warranty Remove all insulation and deck a matter in attic space. Sterifab to disinfect and treat for mites, lice, and bacteria. Install baffles at soffit lines and around entry point. Blow in new cellulose insulation to R49 (14 inches).

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